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Why you should use a professional MRS service?

Medical Record Summaries and the Legal Profession

A medical record summary is an easy to understand abstract of the huge amounts of information that typically make up a patient’s medical records. These summaries are extremely useful to a host of non-medical professionals. Most commonly these summaries are used for legal and insurance claims purposes.

When handling litigation where medical records are a critical factor, an efficiently summarized report can be the key differentiator between success and failure. These documents also sometimes help decide risk thresholds for policy applicants for insurance. They capture the vital data including all relevant details from the focus period of cases and key information specific to the patient’s or claimant’s problems.

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Why use the services of a Medical Record Summarization firm?

Medical record summarization is a complex exercise that requires specialized inputs that can be provided only by an experienced and skilled team comprising of medical documentation experts and medical language specialists. These teams are guided by highly experienced medical professionals. Moreover, medical record summaries are often needed for review within a short period of time. There needs to be an efficient system of getting the medical records studied, summarized, formatted and shipped in order for this to happen.

The cost and effort involved in creating such a team and workflow systems are prohibitive for businesses who are not into core medical documentation services. Rather than struggling with voluminous medical records, people usually decide to outsource the task of organizing and summarizing the medical records to a reliable medical record review firm.

The purpose of the medical review firm is to act as a virtual branch to the office of the client by providing services that can be customized accordingly to the requirements of the customer. The data typically comes in digital format, but many providers also help clients scan, digitize and upload their medical documents to the review firm. Dedicated and trained medical record review professionals in the firm quickly categorize all the related and key data from each medical record, tagging essentials like date of service, type of service, provider of service and place of service information. They also flag key medical findings pertinent to the case at hand.

How can a professionally compiled Medical Record Summary help you?
  • The records disclose the injury, the dates of treatment, tests, medications as well as the result of the treatment. They also contain contact information of each provider.
  • The expert review of the medical record helps to establish a systematic timeline of events or a medical case chronology that contains information about all the medical encounters.
  • The medical record data is tabulated and presented in a simple, easily accessible format.
  • The medical review company assures that all relevant medical records regarding clients’ claims are available. 
  • They arrange the records, index and categorize them, read, comprehend and then summarize them in an expert manner. 
  • All the information is closely examined to ensure completeness, compliance and accuracy.
Get the advantage!

All attorneys who deal with medico-legal casework agree that comprehensive and precise analysis of medical records is a very important and decisive factor in the success or failure of the case.

The professionals at medical record review company have the know-how to extract the patient medical history from provider notes, tests and studies and other medical records. After carefully studying all the records, they create the final summary clearly and comprehensively highlighting the information regarding preexisting conditions, hereditary factors and other related details. By outsourcing your medical record review and summarization to a professional service, you gain the advantage of experience , expertise and efficiency at a fraction of the cost, with no overheads or organizational headaches.

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