Friday, April 19, 2013

What is Medical Record Summarization?

Medical record review is a complex and often tedious process. From the pile of medical reports, lab results, x-rays and tests, to the last stage of summarization, it requires a well structured strategy.  The process demands extensive knowledge in medical terminology related to diagnoses and procedures in addition to a whole lot of time and effort. And this is backed by specialized technology to make it easily accessible.

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Attorneys and other non medical staff usually find it very difficult to comprehend and extract the necessary information from the records. They may have to spend a lot of time for this work that could be devoted to other more important activities. Additionally, even after significant effort, they might still not be able to identify errors, tampering, omissions and missing records.

The review team, which usually consists of highly trained medical documentation specialists as well as medical professionals and paramedics, work collectively to bring out a lucid and crystal clear summarized record. They carry out the review process within the stipulated time, quickly identifying common issues such as missing information, ambiguous data and inconsistencies in the medical records.

The medical review process involves certain significant steps, at each stage of which the reviewers have to be very careful and systematic. An expert medical reviewer checks and ensures the available information is accurate.

-          Organizing the Medical Record
The review process incepts with the process of systematizing the medical records and converting them into a digital format which is indexed according to type of document.  If required, claimant interviews or physician notes are transcribed.

-          Building a Chronology of the Case
This stage involves listing the relevant patient information in order of time. This information is evaluated and analyzed, and then an in-depth medical chronology is prepared of all medical encounters.

-          Reviewing and Interpreting
This final process involves analyzing and preparing concise summaries highlighting the important information.  

These summaries can then be formatted to the specific needs of the reviewer.  They can be color coded, important information can be highlighted, or the whole set of documents can be appended to the summary in a virtual binder with one click access from the summary to the document it refers to.
The need of the hour is met by efficient and quick medical record summarization services, who help you save time, money, and face. They ensure that you do not miss out on that crucial piece of information that might be hiding in an innocuous paragraph on page 221. Your decision to utilize a professional medical record summarization firm could be the biggest decision you ever make. 

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