Monday, June 10, 2013

How does a professional Medical Record Summarization service benefit your business?

Medical record organization is a key factor in assuring that the compensation provided to medical damage claimants is appropriate and legitimate. Attorneys and law firms who deal with insurance companies, as part of their work, have to handle a number of reviews.

Attorneys usually have only casual knowledge of medical terminology, so it is quite common that they have to spend much effort and time to review medical records all by themselves. Though some of them appoint medical language specialists as helping hands, nevertheless, it still is a time consuming and expensive affair.

For most forward thinking businesses, it makes more sense to utilize the services provided by a reliable medical record review company and save time, effort and money. Outsourcing the medical review tasks which are associated with complex medical litigation always proves to be a wise decision as the case moves past levels.

The service provided by a review and summarization firm at the right time can help busy attorneys in a cut-throat competitive world. The time and money that is thus saved can be spent on other productive ideas.

Medical record organization services are provided by a team comprising of a medical language specialist and documentation specialist who work hand in hand to provide legitimate reviews within a stipulated time. They are also usually assisted by a team of physicians and paramedics, along with competent support staff. They help the key technicians spot and extract vital and pertinent information from the medical records and systematically tabulate the data. At the end of the process, the summary is prepared, and all the medical records appended, either manually or digitally.

Clients can take the advantage of this easily comprehensible data to take informed and quick decisions that might help them win cases hands down and assure fair compensation. Most reliable firms would use state of the art technology to provide value added services such as advanced data collection and reporting systems, electronic cross-referencing etc. Many services offer wide range of options of services that you can choose from, mix and match, or take the enterprise level package. Several services offer customization of the summary to suit the requirements of the clients. Attorneys and law firms get the benefit of round the clock customer care as well as a significant savings on overheads and infrastructure. These directly contribute to efficiency and productivity of their teams and improved top lines.

In addition to the business advantage, Medical record reviews and summaries are also important for assuring fairness to both the payer and the claimant. The medical records can contain errors, ambiguities, or clues that are obvious indication of a medical need for compensation. An expert summary can help the lawyers identify and use such information easily and ensure the carrying out of justice. Medical record summarization, done the right way, could be what your business is most in need of.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why you should use a professional MRS service?

Medical Record Summaries and the Legal Profession

A medical record summary is an easy to understand abstract of the huge amounts of information that typically make up a patient’s medical records. These summaries are extremely useful to a host of non-medical professionals. Most commonly these summaries are used for legal and insurance claims purposes.

When handling litigation where medical records are a critical factor, an efficiently summarized report can be the key differentiator between success and failure. These documents also sometimes help decide risk thresholds for policy applicants for insurance. They capture the vital data including all relevant details from the focus period of cases and key information specific to the patient’s or claimant’s problems.

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Why use the services of a Medical Record Summarization firm?

Medical record summarization is a complex exercise that requires specialized inputs that can be provided only by an experienced and skilled team comprising of medical documentation experts and medical language specialists. These teams are guided by highly experienced medical professionals. Moreover, medical record summaries are often needed for review within a short period of time. There needs to be an efficient system of getting the medical records studied, summarized, formatted and shipped in order for this to happen.

The cost and effort involved in creating such a team and workflow systems are prohibitive for businesses who are not into core medical documentation services. Rather than struggling with voluminous medical records, people usually decide to outsource the task of organizing and summarizing the medical records to a reliable medical record review firm.

The purpose of the medical review firm is to act as a virtual branch to the office of the client by providing services that can be customized accordingly to the requirements of the customer. The data typically comes in digital format, but many providers also help clients scan, digitize and upload their medical documents to the review firm. Dedicated and trained medical record review professionals in the firm quickly categorize all the related and key data from each medical record, tagging essentials like date of service, type of service, provider of service and place of service information. They also flag key medical findings pertinent to the case at hand.

Friday, April 19, 2013

What is Medical Record Summarization?

Medical record review is a complex and often tedious process. From the pile of medical reports, lab results, x-rays and tests, to the last stage of summarization, it requires a well structured strategy.  The process demands extensive knowledge in medical terminology related to diagnoses and procedures in addition to a whole lot of time and effort. And this is backed by specialized technology to make it easily accessible.

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Attorneys and other non medical staff usually find it very difficult to comprehend and extract the necessary information from the records. They may have to spend a lot of time for this work that could be devoted to other more important activities. Additionally, even after significant effort, they might still not be able to identify errors, tampering, omissions and missing records.

The review team, which usually consists of highly trained medical documentation specialists as well as medical professionals and paramedics, work collectively to bring out a lucid and crystal clear summarized record. They carry out the review process within the stipulated time, quickly identifying common issues such as missing information, ambiguous data and inconsistencies in the medical records.